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Studio Boo

James 6 Vintage, originally uploaded by Amber... Bamberboo. Click either to get to Amber's Flickr photo site.

A "Cyber friend" of mine has just opened a photography studio in Scotland and has confided that now all she needs is "to do a little advertising"
Well from Canada, there isn't a lot of business to be had but I'm just passing the word. Amber is a great photgrapher, trukly close to her subjects and will make yuo look better than you do in real life. Althoug it wasn't hard to do with little James over here.
You can visit the studio right here.

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  1. Thanks Digi!! Please feel free to keep the picture up! I have to say, the support I have had from my flickr buddies over the last few years has really boosted my confidence! And you know, if you ever make it to Scotland, I will have to add you to my portfolio!