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I hate Big store shopping

That’s it, I’ve HAD IT! I can’t stand it.

Last week end I was shopping at Costco. This article or those that follow have nothing do do with Costco per se but with too many shoppers in large - warehouse-like stores. This is also true for Walmart, superstores and even some shopping centers.

Hey people... GET OUT OF THE WAY!

I’ve seen everything.

People with carts right in the middle of the isle, people with carts to the left of the isle while they’re shopping in the right part. People standing to the left of the cart talking on the phone IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FRIKIN’ ISLE. Last weekend, I actually saw a woman trying clothes on her little girl in the cart, in the middle of the isle. When I said “Excuse me” she GLARED at me and actually told me to GO AROUND... GO AROUND WHERE? 

I came up with "JM's law of large store shopping" :
'People's intellectual quotient is inversely proportional to the cubic size of the store" In other words, the larger the store, the stupider the shoppers. Hey, if you don't like it, tune out, this is MY blog. 

This isn’t the end people. This is the beginning. I’ve got so much to say on this, it will keep me for weeeeeeeks.

Stay tuned kids, I’ll be baaaaaack

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  1. Actually, I'm going to the supermarket today. Much to everybody else's amusement, I always take a list and always know exactly (more-or-less) what I'm going to buy. Some people seem to regard supermarket shopping as as a social event: chatting away inanely to their friends, wandering aimlessly, or stopping periodically, presumably to ponder the intrinsic pointlessness of the Universe!

    Did I mention I didn't like supermarket shopping either?