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The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism


I can hardly believe this!

Reposted from an article on Michael Nugent's blog.

It appears that in Ireland, the Catholic church can sell "mass cards", whereby one can PAY THE CHURCH to say a prayer in one's benefit to get a "get out of purgatory" card and thus get to heaven faster. I would suppose then that the poor can't get into heaven as fast as the rich which, from memory, goes straight against the teaching of Jesus. Once again, God may be all powerful, all knowing and omnipotent..just can't handle a budget it seems.

It is not being challenged to prevent people from selling offers of intercession with the creator of the universe to bereaved and vulnerable people. Instead, it is being challenged to allow a wider number of people to sell such unverifiable claims and to remove this monopoly from the Catholic church's grasp.

Original article from the Irish Times here.

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