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Only in Canada

In Canada , instead of applying for Old Age Pension, you should rather apply for the Status of Refugee.
It is interesting to know that the federal Government of Canada allows :
A monthly pension of : $1,890.00 to a simple refugee
plus : $ 580.00 in social aid
A grand total of : $2,470.00 monthly
X 12 months
$28,920.00 annual income

By comparison, the Old Age Pension of a senior citizen who has contributed to the development of Our Country during 40 or 50 years, CANNOT receive more than :
$1,012.00 a month in Old Age Pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement
X 12 months
$12,144.00 annual income
A difference of : $16,776.00 per year

Perhaps our senior citizens should ask for the Status of Refugees instead of applying for Old Age pension.
May I suggest that the allowance of refugee could be reduced to $1,012.00, and that of our Canadian pensioners (who actually deserve it) may enjoy the money that they have been forced to disburse in income taxes for 40 or 50 years, switches from $1,012.00 to $2,470.00.
Seems this would make more sense to me


  1. We have millions of senior citizen but only hundreds of refugees ... Can you imagine the costs if we reverse the amounts.

    That being said, I don't necessarely agree with the amount givent to the refugees ...

    have a nice day sir ... :-)

  2. Dear Anonymous.
    Obviously from a mathematics point of view you are absolutely right. It makes no financial sense. But I still think that people who built this country should get more than those who are just arriving. But this is what is called "opinions". We're all entitled to have our own.
    Thanks for writing