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Crossing Canada's border

From what I understand...
If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get up to 12 years hard labor
If you cross the Iranian border, you are detained indefinitely
If you cross the Afghan border, you get shot (by Afghans or Americans)
If you cross the Saudi Arabia border, you will be jailed
If you cross the Chinese border, you will be jailed and may never be heard from again
If you cross the Venezuelan border, you will be branded a spy and thrown in jail
If you cross the Cuban border, you will be arrested and either deported immediately or thrown in jail
If you cross the Canadian border illegally , you get:
  • a job
  • a driver's license (after a few weeks)
  • social insurance card
  • free health care
  • food assistance program
  • free education
  • subsidized housing
  • government subsidized home acquisition loan
Ahh I see, that may be some of the reasons we are amongst the most taxed people in the world.

OK call me right wing.


  1. Canada, i think, has a low population and they need more immigrants.

  2. Dear Infidel. Of course and I totally agree with you. Canada WELCOMES immigrants. What this article talks about are ILLEGAL immigrants, not refugee either. And the facts are just that. FACTS.