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On being cynical

It's Friday night, a little tired from the week but still wanted to start a little discussion here - and with the amount of visitors, I'll most likely be talking to myself. It's alright, I seldom argue with myself. 

I was listening to the news on the way home tonight about something truly local, of no interest to the world, and I simply did not believe the news. I did not believe the reporter, I did not believe the minister (government, not religious THOSE cannot be trusted at all, ever) and I thought: "Why am I so cynical?" and I was wondering if I was "cynical" or "jaded". I'll be back to you on this, but I'm definitely cynical. 

So when I got home I asked google "Why am I so cynical"  (I kid you not, I'm now asking Google to resolve some of my deepest questions), and Google, in a manner of speaking, told me I wasn't alone. 

I'll leave this to you for now, but a great many people don't trust a whole lot of other people it seems. 

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