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The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism



A very nice blog has all kinds of weird things, among those the forever famous "flat earth society" kind of spoof. Here's an extract. 
  • Q: “Can I believe in the round Earth and still get into heaven?”
  • A: “No [...] God won’t let any half-assed believers into heaven.” 
  • Q: “What about all those pictures from space, showing that the Earth is round?”
  • A: “Just more proof that Hollywood is in league with the devil [...] In fact, the entire NASA space program is a sham. The movie Capricorn One was a documentary about how the Apollo moon mission was faked [...] O.J. Simpson, one of the stars of Capricorn One, was going to come forward with THE TRUTH, but he was silenced by being framed for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.
  • Q: “How come no airline pilots have ever reported seeing the edges of the Earth?”
  • A: “Airline pilots are also in league with the devil. This is for your protection. If True Believers were allowed to pilot airliners, many planes would instantly become unmanned during the pre-Tribulation Rapture, thus crashing and killing everybody on board. When crossing the Equator or the Prime Meridian, airline pilots have to make sharp 90-degree turns to follow the square contours of the Earth. They hide this fact by blaming it on ‘turbulence.’”

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