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Curling is NOT a sport

I just found out that Canada's women curling team has a pregnant player on board as a substitute.  In a February 17th 2010 article, the Examiner presents Kristie Moore, 5 months pregnant, a very fit looking lady. 
That's all fine and good but between you and I, would you see a 5 month pregnant slalom skier, or a pregnant Joannie Rochette or even a pregnant bobsled team (where after all you ARE sitting down most of the time), or a pregnant - well you get my point - competing in any TRUE olympic sport? 
Thank you, I knew you would agree. 
I hear that when Curling Canada called Ms Moore to invite her onto the team as a substitute, she, rumors have it, said : "You know I'm 5 month pregnant right?" To which the caller said: "So? You're pregnant, you're not dead".
Thus it seems that curling is an olympic activity where the only prerequisite to allow you to play is that you not be dead. 
Not a sport, period.   

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